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Cybersecurity is an issue that potentially impacts every organization from large corporations and major government entities to small businesses. Over the last few years, the risk to small businesses has increased exponentially:

  • Small businesses are targeted due to the recognition that they may be more vulnerable
  • Small businesses often do not have the resources or expertise to guard against cyber attacks
  • Small businesses typically lack resources or expertise to deal with the aftermath of cyber attacks
  • Hackers use access to small businesses as a launching pad into a larger company’s data
  • Small businesses may not have the context to recognize the risk they face

The WV SBDC’s Small Business Big Threat program (SBBT) was developed by SBDC partners with leading expertise in the field. It aims to raise small business awareness of cybersecurity issues that could negatively impact their business. The program targets non-technical small business owners and employees.

Identify Threats

As a small business, you are a prime target for cyber criminals who want access to your customers’ data. Protect your business by identifying threats early and by familiarizing yourself with security basics. Take our Small Business Big Threat assessment to identify the vulnerabilities, bugs and gaps in your business operations. 

Create a Cyber Action Plan

With help from the WV SBDC, you can more effectively protect your customers, employees, and vendors. Through our partnership with West Virginia University’s Industrial Extension, we can help you develop and launch a cybersecurity action plan that evaluates pre-existing security measures and suggests sustainable solutions to remedy common threats. We can also provide valuable resources to help train your staff to prevent cyber-attacks.

Facilitate Connections to Local Partners

The WV SBDC is confident in its ability to provide the awareness and tools to help you mitigate fraud and other cyber-criminal activity. We can also connect you to local partners that can help you implement necessary protection protocols. Let us help you get ahead of the curve in navigating cybercrime with advice and resources, so you can have peace of mind for the safety of your business and your clients.   

Business Coaching Services


Our statewide network of highly-skilled business coaches partner with you, and collaborate with each other, to help move your business to the next level. WV SBDC business coaches provide an array of free services and will cater guidance directly to your business’s needs.



A variety of training classes are offered each month with topics ranging from Business Fundamentals to Marketing and Applying for Relief Funds. Our Business Fundamentals workshop is regularly available online or in-person at different locations around WV and is designed specifically for people who are thinking of starting a business or have had a business for one year or less.

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