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The WV SBDC can offer assistance in times of need, especially after an unexpected disaster. We will not only work with you throughout the crisis, but will also help position your business to survive, overcome, and thrive. In times of trial, we help you focus on getting your business back on track or guide you in a direction that will set you up for success going forward.

Evaluating Potential Threats

Planning ahead and preparing your business for an unexpected, perilous event can seem daunting, but guidance from your business coach can bring it well within the realm of feasibility.  Let the WV SBDC help you identify and strategize against potential man-made, technological, natural, or health-related threats. By committing to the preparatory work ahead of time and creating a viable plan, your business will be prepared for whatever unexpected challenge it faces.

Discovering Capital Access Opportunities and Valuable Resources

When unexpected disasters occur, the WV SBDC can provide recovery options available through local, state, and federal programs, as well as outline other capital access opportunities available through lending institutions.

Developing a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan

It is crucial for a business owner to thoroughly assess their business and confront the “what if’s” in the event that a disaster strikes. While it might be an uncomfortable subject to broach, it is necessary to have a backup plan in place. We’ll help you see that yes! you can re-build your business, pick up the pieces, and come back stronger than ever. The WV SBDC can help you prepare a plan that will address an emergency response, summarize insurance policy details, include an evacuation and communication plan, address safety and first aid measures, outline company procedures for each type of disaster, and more.

Expanding Your Customer Base

It is important to keep in contact with your customers if disaster strikes and, possibly, pivot your business model in order to keep your doors open. The WV SBDC can help you formulate ways to stay connected with your current customers and even find new customers through your online presence. 

Business Coaching Services


Our statewide network of highly-skilled business coaches partner with you, and collaborate with each other, to help move your business to the next level. WV SBDC business coaches provide an array of free services and will cater guidance directly to your business’s needs.



A variety of training classes are offered each month with topics ranging from Business Fundamentals to Marketing and Applying for Relief Funds. Our Business Fundamentals workshop is regularly available online or in-person at different locations around WV and is designed specifically for people who are thinking of starting a business or have had a business for one year or less.

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